6th Grade Review

Now that school is almost over I thought that I could do a review of the school year. This school year was the best! It was so much better than any grade in lower school! I think this was a better school year because it was my  first year of middle school and there were a lot of good changes. This was the best year of my life so far!

FIAT week 5-6 questions

1. I believe that Ally has become more daring. Towards the end of the book Ally seems more ready and prepared to do new things that she never would have thought of before.

2. One of my dreams is to take up my fathers place in his business when he’s gone.

3. I loved this book because of the variety of characters and emotions and how they were portrayed. Different parts of “Fish In A Tree” can relate to many different problems in real life and how to solve them. I would give Fish in a Tree 5 stars.

FIAT week 3 and 4

  1.  Ally gains hope when she is told that she isnt stupid, and that she can be taught how to read and write much better
  2. When someone bullies Albert he doesnt fight back because he believes that if he does he is no better than the bullies
  3. If you are being picked on TELL AN ADULT!

FIAT week two

1. Albert, Ally, and Keisha are all very different from one another and stand out in their own way, I think they are friends because of this.

2. When I got my new dog I didn’t think I would like her as much as my old one  because she was so crazy but over time she got calmer and I ended up loving her.

3. What do you think the differences are between a friend and a best friend.

FIAT week one book club

1. So far FIAT is a very relatable and understandable book.

2. I have met Jessica, Keisha, Mr. Daniels, Albert, and of course Ally. Ally loves her new teacher Mr. Daniels, Ally, Keisha, and Albert are friends, and Jessica is a bully to Ally.

3. Do you think that Ally will ever be friends with Jessica?

Hello to Montana!

Hello 6th graders at Trinity Lutheran School! My name is Eric, I’m in 6th grade, and I live in Carrolton Texas. My school has thirty 6th graders and there are 632 students in all. In Texas it is almost always hot, so we were very excited when it snowed this year. The average temperature in January is 50 degrees and the average temperature in July is 89 degrees.

From,                                                                                                                                                            Eric


Eric 100wc20


One day I went to the GUITAR shop to get a new guitar. once I got there I noticed that none of the guitars were very good but they were very expensive. I asked the store owner why the guitars were so overpriced and he got so mad that his face looked like a tomato. He yelled at me saying, “All my guitars are EXTRORDINARY!”. I replied, “All of these guitars are HORRIBLE!”. The store owner shoved me aside and showed me a beautiful mustard yellow guitar

Lost Wealth 100wc 18

One day John bought a safe and a key. He put old money in the safe that is now worth millions. He  put the safe under the stairs and the key in the attic. he also wrote a note on the safe giving a clue of where the key was. one day when John was out at work his dog found the key, and without knowing what it was he went outside and buried it. When John came home he didn’t notice that the key was gone. Many years later people have looked for the key but never found it.

Our Trip! 100wc 17

I just got the news that we were going on a trip and I was so excited! My parents said we can bring our yellow Labrador named Roy, which we never get to bring on our trips! we going to go to the beach. we wanted to take a Taxi but the driver wouldn’t let us because we had a dog so we had to drive there our selves. On our way there we saw a beautiful waterfall. once we got there the beach was heavily covered with crabs. Roy loved watching the crabs and we loved swimming. THE END