The Barren Grounds

We have been reading this new book in class called “The Barren Grounds” and it is really good. It is about this girl named Morgan and a boy named Eli and they are both orphans. Morgan is 13 and Eli is 12. Morgan has ran away and has been kicked out of many different foster homes and she does not like them. Eli is new to the foster home and is a good artist. This is what we know so far about “The Barren Grounds”.

Thoughts About Sixth Grade

Hi, my name is Eric and I am in sixth grade. At the beginning of sixth grade I was really nervous and overwhelmed but as the year went on it got a lot better. Middle school is much more exciting then lower school but it is also much harder. I remember in lower school when we would rarely have homework and if we did I would be really scared to do it, but in middle school we get at least 2-3 pages of homework every day. One thing I like about middle school is the teachers, the teachers are so nice and helpful. This is why I love middle school.